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I bought an M-I phone from your Nyali branch and I have never been met with such worst customer services anywhere. Your repairs team does not speak with your services team and the whole operation is dysfunctional. Pathetic to be precise.

I spoke with your Christine and explained my frustrations with a phone which had been sent back for repairs more than twice in a span of a week. She promised to get back and even asked me to write a mail. I have never heard from her over 3 weeks now!!

I then contacted your repairs team and was taken through the agony of explaining myself again. Th gentleman gave me a number he knew never works and even promised to call me back. Have waited enough.

I keep getting sms that my phone is awaiting a motherboard swap, something I never asked for.

I requested to be allowed to pay more but exchange the phone. No one has ever responded and my requests blatantly ignored. Simply disgusting services.

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