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About Lotto Kenya

The Customer Support Team are available on 0703 065 032.

Please note that winners will be contacted using the following numbers only: 020 219 3335 or 0707 079 935

LOTTO draws use a Random Number Generator that has been tested and certified by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). GLI is a global leader in the provision of testing and certification services to 65 of the worlds leading lotteries and is trusted by regulators in more the 475 jurisdictions worldwide. LOTTO operates under license number 1095 issued by the Kenya Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) who conduct each LOTTO draw. This means that you can play with 100% confidence in the LOTTO draw process and result.

The LOTTO draw is closed to all entries at 20:00 on both Wednesday and Saturday. After the draw has closed, all entries are collated into a single file, generating a 256bit "Hash key" (like a fingerprint). The Hash key and the entire entry file (comprising of all tickets entered into the draw) are passed to the BCLB and to the Insurance underwriters before the Random Numbers are drawn. This ensures that it is impossible to tamper with any of the entries after the Random Number selection as any alteration of the entries would result in the Hash key not matching.
The process happens at approximately 21:00. Once the integrity of the Winning Numbers are verified and checked by the BLCB, the winning numbers are entered into the computer graphics system of LOTTO Live for display on the TV Show. It is at this point that the processing of user accounts occurs so that Winning amounts can begin to appear into player accounts on the night of the draw.
This is a requirement that is enforced by LOTTO's prize insurance broker UAP and their global Class A underwriters in London. No valid draw can be conducted without their effective prior acceptance of its authenticity.

Lotto Kenya draws schedule

Lottery GameDraw DaysDraw Time
Mega JackpotWednesday, Saturday9:00PM
Daily DrawMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday4:00PM, 10:00PM

Cost of Kenya Lotto entry

Each entry costs between Ksh 50 and Ksh 1,000. You can purchase multiple tickets for the same draw.
Wednesday Draw : All Lotto Tickets from Saturday 20:00 to Wednesday 19:59 are entered into the Wednesday Mega Jackpot Draw.
Saturday Draw : All Lotto Tickets from Wednesday 20:00 to Saturday 19:59 are entered into the Saturday Mega Jackpot Draw.

How do I win Kenya Lotto?

You win a prize in the LOTTO Main and Daily Draws by matching the numbers on your ticket to the numbers drawn for the LOTTO results. Prizes are received by matching 3 numbers through to the jackpot for matching 6 numbers.

You can match numbers in any order. For example:
- Your ticket has the numbers 6, 33, 1, 49, 28, 27
- The results of the LOTTO draw are 17, 1, 33, 6, 49, 22

In this example you would have matched 3 main numbers (1, 6, 33 and 49). This would win you x25 of your stake amount. We also offer more chances to win on the LOTTO Live show that is broadcast live on KTN at 22:00 on the day of the draw. Please watch the show for details.

How do I get my money?

Prizes ranging in value from Ksh100 to Ksh150,000: Prizes and other winnings from Games in this category will automatically be deposited into Your Mobile Money Account.

Prizes ranging in value from Ksh150,000 and above : Prizes and other winnings from Games in this category will be settled via cheque, bank transfer, direct credit.

What's the maximum amount I can win?

The maximum amount you can win is Ksh 25,000,000 by matching 6 numbers to win x25000 of maximum stake of Ksh1,000.

What's the tax deduction?

All Lotto Prizes are subject to 20% gaming tax deduction.

Can I play LOTTO if I dont live in Kenya?

No. In order to play the LOTTO you have to be physically based in Kenya and have a verified Mpesa Account.

Lotto Kenya

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