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Affordable and reliable
I have shipped with States Duka many times, their communication on email is clear and timely especially the team in the USA. I had a problem of volumetric weight since the seller used a big box for my items, I was so amazed when States Duka accepted to re pack my items in much smaller box, which reduced the shipping price almost by half.What turned me into a returning customer is that their price is affordable and my items come within 15 business days as promised or even before, it is very important to mention that I never received a damaged item from them, the goods are handled with care.
Unreliable and unprofessional
They do not care about their customers, lack a complete sense of urgency and probably get their employees to boos their ratings online. No shipping updates, no tracking numbers, just bad service and constant delays
Statesduka is by far one of the WORST SHIPMENT SERVICES that I have ever used. They are completely unreliable and do no not show any urgency or professionalism when it comes to dealing with their customers. Their services are lacklustre at best and there is a sense that it seems that they themselves don't even know what services they offer. They are a JOKE as a shipment company and your money would be best served using anyone else really.
Worst shipping company
They are out of touch, you have to keep email to get feedback , you have to follow up, AND THE WORST OF ALL SHIPPING DELAYMENTTTTTTT..............

Savostore 10 times better than this service from this company 0/10
A few things you should know about
They are reliable, yes. But don't expect incredibly fast shipping. They advertise 10-15 days shipping but this doesn't factor in weekends. So I can say with the experience I've had, it's been a 3-weeks waiting game. Their communication can get you pulling your hair sometimes as they mainly do so via email. Their responses are not quick or timely and in no way, shape or form are they detailed. But to be fair, they do eventually respond. From the time of writing this review, their shipping rate is ksh 1750/kg
did you use the California adress?
Good job
You guys did an amazing job,very good and clear communication,no delays,my package arrived on time well packaged,I’m happy thank you guys,God bless you
Their services are great, deliveries are done on time, the goods are received in safely and in good state. I do recommend StatesDuka services to everyone who needs them.
Repackaging of light items to weigh more.
My item of 4.8 kilos somehow got to 12 kilos due to volumetric weight and use of bigger box and additional bubble wraps. It is not my first time using shipping companies not to know fraud when I see it.
Hello Derrick , your fragile package was never repackaged but shipped as received from the seller in a box sealed i the middle with yellow tape and two lines of tape marked fragile on both ends . Kindly take a picture of the package and email it to the seller for verification that its the same package they shipped. As per our website we go by actual or volumetric weight whichever is higher. Kindly check our communication thread that clearly outlines that if we repackaged the items as you requested then the fragile glass wouldn't make it to Kenya intact. We even gave you an option to forward the package to another shipper which you never followed through on. We can post the communication thread for you in case you don't have it saved
I'm not sure how Statesduka handled this was kosher. Maybe threatening to post private communications you had with a customer and disclosing certain information is just a little juvenile, and makes me question your integrity. This definitely could have been handled differently: it seriously makes me question on what would happen if we had a minor issue- would you threaten to post my private information too?
Best Service
I’ve used Statesduka twice and I’m a very happy client. Both deliveries arrived faster than I expected plus after ordering in the US they keep you updated every step of the way. Keep it up statesduka
Poor Service
Guitar shipping

Very poor customer service. The responses took ages and the customer service here in Kenya seems clueless about what happens on the other side. They only respond when their charges increase and the situation seems desperate. Definitely not going to recommend it to anyone I come across. It is even difficult to switch to another shipping company once they have your product. This has been a lot of frustration and so much time wasted in between. I can only imagine how it would have been using another company.
You were just NOT patient and assuming they only serve you. I have shipped with them severally and 12 days is the max they ever take to deliver.
Once the US office confirm you need to stop inquiring with your insecure questions and wait 10 days atleast.
Wewe ni mtu wa pesa ndogo, surely, what's a Guitar
Sheesh! What a troll

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