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Non Payment Of Debts
A number of genuine Businessmen, Schools and Young people have been subjected to the evil deeds of Martin Otieno - CEO/Owner of Genius Dynamics based in Mombasa.
1. In Mid February 2016 supplied with Computers for a School in Mtopanga on Credit as per the agreement the payment was to be made in 3 Weeks then. He has been lying, and arrogantly disregarded arbitration to pay even in bits, issued a bad Cheque that bounced, not responding to emails, Phone Calls and Text Messages.
2. Purports to have developed a School Management System (Akademico), which in reality he shortchanged a young Programmer from Nairobi, colluding with schools bursars/ secretaries to swindle some cash through the system without the knowledge of administrators and parents. Pay the developer for his efforts.
3. Took some form leavers and had them sell Airtel Cards, Lines on promise of payment, most still waiting for him to pay.
There are a lot of things to report of this con… already made reports to the relevant authorities, this to warn Businessmen, Schools and Young job seekers
This guy doesn't pay his employees. I worked for him for a good 3months with no kind of payment. Helped him recruit interns and worked on his website. 6months down the line he has refused to make any kind of payment. It is very unfortunate for individuals to not appreciate people's time and effort. Just because i choose not to work for him, he has completely refused to pay me till date. Choose to work for him at your peril. He will never pay you.

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