NIkoHapa Card Package

Price: 97000
As NikoHapa, one of our key values is encouraging repeat business. We enable any business, especially in hospitality, to reward their loyal customer based on the number of the customer's checkins at their place. This is basically, a “Get a free coffee for 5 checkins” promo with added benefits.
The customer checks in by SMSing unique codes stuck to their receipts to access these sweet
discounts. They can allow their checkins to show on facebook and twitter, and generate great
social media buzz for their favorite brand.

We have innovated to a system where customers can checkin by tapping their NFC devices
(phones, cards etc) onto a Nikohapa terminal and POS. This simplifies the check in process and
expands our market for checkins. The Nikohapa terminal targets high end areas while the POS
doubles as a stand-alone point-of-sale device.

We are planning to launch this new product before the first half of this year ends with 25 select partners. While our goal is to run various brands' loyalty cards, during the launch, we will be seeding the market by releasing only 2,000 Nikohapa-branded cards.

Samsung supports local innovation, and Nikohapa represents one of the local innovations that
has garnered a great deal of buzz, both locally and internationally. We are in advanced talks
with partners in India and other African countries

We are grateful for Samsung's support in this endeavor, and in exchange, we are pleased to
carry a “Samsung Supports Local Innovation” tag line behind these keeper cards.

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