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Do you sell Glucometer machine? If yes how much?
Looking for galvusmet 50/850and diamicron mr 60mg. I am in Kisii
Do you have reflesh tears and if yes how much
How much is Anti D?
Happy New Year...Do you have heel pads? If Yes, how much do they cost?
How much is lamical lamotrigene from (gsk)100mg
I am urgently looking for Femoterol inhaler plain and not combined. Might you be having and at which branch in Nairobi can I get it?
Hiw much is methylprednisolone and fluticasone?
Do you sells laparastomy bags?how much?
How much do trenexamic acid cost
At How much can I get maxitrol eye drops and maxitrol eye ointment at your store?
Do you have clomiphenes50mg
I am a medical practitioner, I need to buy a consignment of disposable gloves.
What is the current price please?
I want to order cycotec drugs....can you deliver them to me in Ruiru?? And how much do they cost??
I want to order cycotec drugs....can you deliver them to me in Ruiru??
Goodmorning may I have your price list?
Is Humalog (lispro) 10ml in stocks and what's the w/sale price?
Currently in Dubai. Am looking for test strips. (ONETOUCH) Select plus. ? If yes which outlet/shop. I want to buy and send to busia for my mum.
Do you have Ursodeoxycholic acid tabs and how much do you sell
Do you have human Albumin 20%
Do you have manix drug for men
Can i get medicine for acnes and spot
Do you operate on Sunday?
I need Ambien(zolpidem) for insomnia am desperate have been suffering this for 5months now?

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