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29 Jun, 2020
Paid for a parcel not yet delivered to James theuri -0798 400173 and Lilian Kimori 0759 731349 for Ups. These people are using companies name to steal from public.
Irene Mwende
21 May, 2020
Please confirm if my parcel arrived today With my name Irene Mwende because am receiving some calls to pay ksh.8000 to facilitate delivery.
24 Apr, 2020
Where are your offices located in mombasa, and if possible, kindly help with the office contacts
Jackson koech
14 Apr, 2020
I was to receive a parcel from Carlifonia on Easter but somebody called me demanding for domestic tax to be paid before delivery,He called through landline.
Winnie Njogu
13 Apr, 2020
Do the company know of these conmen using the company's name to benefit from people? God is good I didn't pay that money
Maurice odhiambo
14 Mar, 2020
Is there any parcel for me from Mr muhhamad silver from England?
28 Nov, 2019
I was to receive a parcel today... I was told to pay the domestic tax and I have paid... Just do the delivery or you return the money I paid
Paschal Mutune
26 Jul, 2018
My parcel from China was to reach me by 24th July 2018 but I have not received yet.what is happening? 0722632292
Susan Wanjiru
4 Jul, 2018
Is it a must to buy before delivary
10 May, 2018
Why can't apercel be sent a payments be completed upon delivery?
Nancy Odhiambo
19 Feb, 2018
I was receive a parcel from 0706164854 yesterday i havent received my parcel until today
Nancy Odhiambo
18 Feb, 2018
I was sent a percel but i have not receveid until now
18 Jan, 2018
My parcel haven't been delivered,,,this man contact 0706164854,,please assist
3 Dec, 2017
How much should one pay for clearing taxes if you recieve a parcel from u. K
16 Sep, 2017
When someone's parcel lands in Kenya, how do you inform them?
18 Jun, 2017
People are using your company name for conning purposes they use the following no. 0735563942--Vincent, 0795888375--Lawrence Amends, 0740488628, please notify the public to be aware.
27 Feb, 2016

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