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Infidelity investigation
Ethical Hacking
Data Recovery
Penetration testing
Cyber crime & Fraud investigation
Corporate surveillance
Bug sweeping
Forensic investigation
Counterfeit investigation

Catch a Cheater - Infidelity Investigators
Do you think your partner (Husband, Wife, Girlfriend or Boyfriend) might be having an affair?
Let our detectives from King Detectives & Private Investigators Kenya unravel the truth for you.
Does not matter the location; we work across Kenya and also all over East Africa.
It is often the ‘not knowing’ that is the worst aspect of cheating in a relationship. At King Detectives & Private Investigators, our cheating partner and infidelity investigations  
Show more can remove the doubts and either set your mind at ease or provide you with irrefutable evidence to confront the problem. In most cases it is subtle or at times, major changes in behavior that causes suspicion. You need to be sure if these changes are innocent or not. In some cases you will be sure your partner is being unfaithful or at best lying to you and you just need proof before you can confront them.

Obviously, if your partner is being cheating, you definitely have the right to know. If they are not, then you need proof in order to alleviate your uncertainty and concern. It is only by having the facts that you can confront your partner or get on with your life.

Watch for some of the following potential infidelity signs:

They are spending more time away from home.

They seem to be working late more often.

Noticeable mobile phone habit changes.

They won't answer their phone around you, turn the ringer off or take longer than usual to call you back.

Their clothes smell of alcohol, smoke, perfume or aftershave.

They clear their computer history, utilize free email accounts such as Gmail, yahoo, Hotmail, etc..., spend odd hours or unusually long times on their computer, change screen display when you enter the room.

They are not interested in sex as much.

They are unusually defensive or start ignoring you.

​Here are some other things to look out for if you think your male partner might be cheating:

1. The usual suspects: lipstick on his collar or clothes, unexpected marks indicative of sexual activity on his body, another woman’s scent on his clothes or hair. Especially if this happens more than once.

2. All of a sudden, his working days are longer, maybe he even has to travel, so he’s away from you overnight, for a couple of days at a time, or even longer. Especially when this is coupled with some of the other signs, these are clear pointers that he probably is playing away. The same holds true of sudden, increased lifestyle expenses (drinks, meals, hotels) that don’t include you.

3. He’s not present. Even when he’s physically present, he’s off in his own world; he’s not really there with you.

4. He takes a lot more trouble over his appearance, whether that means dressing better, a sudden heavy use of aftershave, or an infatuation with the gym and lifting weights. Showering before coming to bed, which sometimes signifies guilt or a desire to avoid detection of the scent of a lover, is another clue. He may also be cleaning his car to remove any signs of another woman.

5. A new enthusiasm for a colleague at work, a newly single female, or even a friend of yours. Suddenly, he’s talking about her a lot and only too willing to help her out. In fact, he's almost over-helpful! It feels like a crush, to you.

6. He stops noticing you. You could probably wear a bag over your head and he wouldn’t notice. Even when he ‘makes an effort’ to be with you, he doesn’t really notice you. A client once told me she’d stuck a strand of her long hair in the flame during a candle-lit dinner with her husband - and he didn’t notice.

7. Hints and warnings from colleagues, friends and families. Chances are they have your best interests at heart, and they know something you don’t.

8. Your intuition is screaming at you that he’s having an affair. You may not be able to substantiate what your intuition is saying, but that doesn’t stop it being true. Your intuition doesn’t have an agenda. It doesn’t want you to hold onto this man at all costs. It just tells you the truth that it picks up from a thousand subtle clues.

9. His accusations that you’re jealous and/or crazy. Attack is a cheater’s best form of defense. These are classic ploys for making you doubt yourself. Unless you are a habitually jealous person, you need to trust your gut.

10. Showing you his text messages and email accounts. An accomplished cheat will have a mobile that you’ll never even see which he uses for his other woman/women. The same goes for email accounts. As regards social media, unless he is an idiot, and/or wants you to find out, you probably won’t find any traces of cheating on his social media.

11. Are they suddenly being overly nice? Allowing you to watch whatever you want on TV, buying you gifts, asking if you would like to go out to your favorite restaurant. For some, having an affair can make them act happier in their life... or guilt can make them try to make it up to you subconsciously

12. Maybe the opposite is true and they are constantly picking fault with you or accusing you of cheating. When attraction fades in a relationship and there’s something going on the side, it’s easy to get irritable. The added burden of deceit doesn’t help. Plus, once someone has successfully cheated undetected they start to think if they could do it why can't you.

If you are experiencing ANY of the above, contact us for details of how we can help you find the peace of mind you deserve. Our comprehensive Infidelity Investigation service is customized for each individual client and offers a highly professional team of surveillance operatives to conduct discreet covert investigations, anywhere in The World, at any time.

Why not you look at a sample of the level of evidence will obtain by using our surveillance service?

Out of the 939 cheating partner and infidelity investigation cases we have worked in the past 18 months, over 98% of the cases proved that the client’s suspicions were correct and they received the evidence to PROVE it!

Our discretion is paramount in cheating partner and infidelity investigations and you can rest assured that your partner will not know of our existence and that you will receive all the evidence you need. Our final reports will be accompanied by photographic and/or video evidence. This will prove that either your fears are justified and that your partner has been unfaithful, or possibly that you have no need to worry as your partner is innocent and you can continue your relationship as normal with peace of mind.

Our infidelity investigation agents use high tech surveillance equipment including 'night vision' camera equipment, long range lenses and when necessary body worn hidden video and audio surveillance equipment. This means that we can still provide you with exceptionally highly detailed evidence even if the subject enters a bar or restaurant.
Conduct a Background Check

Do you need to know exactly who a person is and what they have been doing in their past? Eagle Private Investigators is here to offer professional investigative solutions.

​It’s an unavoidable truth: on first meeting an individual, you have no source of information about them other than what they choose to tell you. This holds true for potential business partners, tenants, life mates, company employees, and those employed in particularly sensitive positions such as housekeepers and care providers for the young and elderly. The situation is made worse by the increasing availability of technology that can be used by dishonest individuals to commit fraud, identity theft and forgery we hear about all too often. However, these increased resources also allow knowledgeable professionals to uncover the true history and current status of individuals and businesses. At Eagle Private Investigators, we offer the most comprehensive and discrete background checks possible on individuals and businesses throughout the Kenya and in over 50 additional countries.

With the advent of the internet, there has been an explosion of services offering ‘background checks.’ However, the majority of these are nothing more than unqualified individuals performing database searches. These databases are available to anyone with a bit of know-how -- for the simple reason that the majority of them do not contain secure information that is carefully maintained and regularly verified. After paying for one of these inferior services. You may well receive outdated or completely falsified information.

As our name proudly states, we are fully qualified private investigators based in The Nairobi Kenya. With nearly two decades of experience in the business, we are not only highly skilled but also well respected by law enforcement, government agencies and other sectors that posses the most accurate information on individuals and organizations. The combination of our expertise and resources available to us allows us to perform the Kenya’s most detailed and up-to-date background checks. At-the-source record searches as opposed to second or third party records and databases ensure the highest quality of data. Whether the subject is a publicly traded company or an individual who has gone to great lengths to hide a checkered past, we have the means to provide you with all the personal information required to make an informed decision with respect to your subject.

We have two levels of Background Check available.

Identity Verification Background Check
Our I.D verification Background Check report will consist of but is not limited to:
Current address and telephone number.
Recent address history.
Date of Birth.
Births related to the person.
Full I.D verification.

Enhanced Background Check.
Our Enhanced Background Check will consist of the above and the following:
Property Ownership.
Bankruptcies and County Court Judgments.
Relative’s information.
Roommates and neighbors.
Personal Assets where possible.
Businesses live and failed.
Press, media and internet history.
Previous address and linked address searches.
Employment history.
Professional capabilities.
Reported criminal activity.

Obviously you can add ANYTHING else to the list when you instruct us to proceed and these additional checks will be FREE of CHARGE unless advised otherwise. Furthermore, you will find that we offer probably the most competitive prices for this type of Background Check, in The Nairobi Kenya.

Unlike an online database search company, we can zero in and provide additional information on any aspect you choose. For example, our criminal check can, not only inform you of whether an individual was charged: we can tell you where, when, whether he or she was convicted and in many cases the actual details of the incident. Similarly, when providing tenant history, we can delve into red-flag events such as evictions. Information on an individual’s or organization’s credit history within the NAIROBI is often sufficient, but if you require a worldwide check we have the means to do so. Additional concerns (e.g. employment eligibility) can be added to a background check at your request and, unless noted otherwise, will be free of charge.

At Eagle Private Investigators, our main concerns are a comprehensive, accurate background check and your complete satisfaction. We work on the timeline that you request, and once a deadline is agreed upon, we guarantee that it will be met -- the vast majority of our cases are reported within 24-48 hours. A personally assigned investigator will discuss the requirements of your background check beforehand, and at the investigation’s completion we provide a detailed report that includes the sources of the information and, whenever possible, documentary evidence to substantiate the data. Should it become necessary to progress beyond a background check, our skilled and resourceful investigators who are now familiar with the case are prepared to initiate a full scale private investigation at a moment’s notice. In all cases, we operate with absolute discretion.

Dating Site Scams and Investigations

Dating and social media websites are more increasingly being used by fraudsters to commit online scams. You might be looking for a companion, partner or potential spouse on a social media site. However, how do your prevent someone breaking your heart or ripping you off with an online scam? The main problem you face when using these sites is that you can never be certain whether or not you can trust someone that you are getting to "know" through these sites.

What if you could actually find out who the person REALLY is? You would definitely feel safer and more confident in meeting them face to face and less vulnerable to a potential online scam.

Detectives from Eagle Private Investigators are able to provide you with an extremely detailed profile on your new friend or find answers to specific questions which you may have.

Our checking and vetting service is completed with absolute discretion and professionalism ensuring that the individual/s in question will never be aware of the investigation, at ANY stage.

Not everyone you meet on an internet dating site should be trusted. Expansive research has shown that there are thousands of married people using internet dating sites to cheat on their partners.

Eagle Private Investigators have the capability of conducting in depth background checks on individuals and businesses in over 50 Countries. Contact us for an individual quotation, based on your requirements.

Our prices are worked out on a purely individual basis and vary from job to job. We will analyze what you require and what we have to work from and the area and country. We will then provide you with a very competitive, fixed fee quote for the case.

**Please note that our checks are NOT restricted to simple database searches. We provide a comprehensive service, designed to give YOU the information you require, to enable you to make an informed decision regarding the individual in question. **

Warning Signs to watch for:

Scammers use photos of models.
A scammer often asks for your email address right away, or gives you theirs. They want to communicate off site as soon as possible. The scammer will have a hard luck story, they make you feel sorry for them, and they ask for help or money, or get you to offer it because you are 'such a nice person'. The scammer may offer you money. They will do this to gain your trust. They will send counterfeit checks which will eventually bounce at your bank and get you into trouble.

The member is from your country but travels for their job (working an oil rig, buying antiques, etc.). They have lost their ID and money and have been arrested or injured and urgently need money to get back home - this is quite common.

These are just a few of the potential warning signs but by no means are we suggesting that EVERY contact you make is a scammer. However, we will be able to confirm if they are BEFORE you make any type of commitment to them and most certainly BEFORE you arrange any kind of meeting.


Do you need to know what someone is doing while you are not with them?

Maybe your partner is not being as faithful and honest as you, a business associate might be trying to defraud you, an employee may be trying to mislead you, and a claimant may not actually be as unwell as they state or perhaps someone you care about has started a habit that is going to be harmful to them. You need to be 100% certain before you take any action, but what if you are certain yet unable to prove it?

Before you can confront someone with whom you have a relationship, whether in business or your personal life, you must have all of the facts. If all other options have been exhausted, or are not practical, discreet surveillance can be the only way to find out what you need to know.

Discretion is paramount in such cases and you can rest assured that we will go to great lengths to ensure that you receive the evidence you need.

All of our reports are accompanied by high quality photographic and video evidence. Why not have looks at the level of evidence you will obtain by using our surveillance service?

Whether it's carrying out observations on a cheating partner, surveillance on a dishonest employee, monitoring a wayward child or following someone you wish to know more about, we will provide you with the information and evidence you require.

Our surveillance operatives are highly qualified and are fully trained in the use of mobile, static and rural surveillance techniques. They have been involved in numerous covert operations within the NAIROBI and overseas, in all types of circumstances and environments.

We can conduct covert surveillance investigations for both short and long term periods, using both male and female operatives where required.

As well as using our surveillance operatives, we use the latest technical surveillance equipment, such as covert cameras, car tracking devices, audio recording equipment and night vision equipment.

Our surveillance operatives can operate in the following circumstances:

Follow a suspected cheating partner
Locate a person's place of work
Find out a person's home address
Investigate a person's background and lifestyle
carry out surveillance on an employee
Investigate suspected false insurance claims
Investigate benefit cheats
Observation on a particular location
Observe a working environment

Find a Persons Address

Do you need to find or trace a person’s current address?

If you need to find a person’s address, our advanced address finder service will provide you with an exact current address for the person you are seeking, anywhere in Kenya or overseas. We can start the address trace with as little information as a full name but sometimes may require a little more. We find CURRENT addresses for missing persons, missing heirs and beneficiaries, addresses for old friends, lost relatives, debtors and generally find people who are difficult to find.

At Eagle Private Investigators we are so confident in our ability to find a high percentage of peoples addresses where others have failed that we offer a no success, no fee service on all Kenya based address locates and on many occasions, overseas address locates.*

Each address trace is handled proficiently and efficiently by one of our highly trained, and experienced in-house tracing team who will keep you regularly informed of progress. All enquiries are dealt with in a highly confidential manner.

For our address finding enquiries we use the very latest information systems and other discreet resources. We have a reputation for excellence and subsequently, a higher than average success rate, which is currently at 98% (latest update - 14 December 2015).

We can usually trace a person’s CURRENT address within 24 hrs. Our fees are fixed and as you will find, extremely competitive, with no compromise on service or accuracy. Along with the persons current address, we will supply you with a telephone number and email address for them, where available. We will also tell you who else lives at the address. In addition to these details, we will include other information concerning the individual such as employment**, property ownership, marriages and more - FREE of charge. Contact us for a free and highly competitive quote for your find a person’s address trace.

A professional person tracing service saves time

we find people faster because we have access to databases and resources not available to the general public. The databases we use are more accurate and up to date than those available in the public domain. In addition to this, we also utilize a wide variety of discreet sources and enquiries.

Remember we only get paid when we have traced the persons address. We do not request any "up front" fees. We also provide a thirty day money back guarantee with ALL traces. All enquiries are dealt with in a highly confidential manner. Contact us now for a free no obligation quotation and discover why NAIROBI Private Investigators are one of the Kenya's most highly regarded detective agencies.
* No success, no fee searches relate to searches in The NAIROBI only, unless otherwise agreed.
** Where available.

Find a Persons Assets

Do you need to locate an individual’s personal or business assets?
Eagle Private Investigators have a proven and highly successful track record in locating hidden assets, valuables and property in Kenya and across the world.

Our Nairobi team of highly experienced asset tracers has many years of experience. Our International asset tracers often work with our overseas associates when local knowledge is required.

Our tracers understand the critical distinction between extracting raw intelligence and delivering solid and reliable evidence, fit for use in a Court of Law.

Why trace assets?

Before embarking on costly litigation to recover property or money claimed, it is essential and entirely cost effective to understand if the individual has anything of value available to meet any Judgment secured. Our pre-litigation and asset tracking service is valuable in helping make this determination.

Equally if a Judgment has already been secured then you need to know where the assets are and how they can be secured and released to meet the Judgment.

What is asset tracing?
The process of identifying property or valuables which clients seek to recover by way of legal process or negotiated settlement. Having tracked down and frozen the items of value in question, negotiated settlement may become an option not previously considered. So what assets can be traced? These can include real estate, stocks and shares, intellectual property rights and money.

We can assist in locating:
Kenya Property assets
Corporate assets and associations.
Assets hidden by ownership by connected individuals, companies or corporate entities.
Offshore assets & property.
Directorships and other assets.

We regularly work with legal and insolvency practitioners along with private clients on complex tracing enquiries.

Trace a Person from their mobile or landline number

Have you found a number on a partner’s bill or phone and want to know who that person is?
Our number tracing service will provide you with the name and address of the person using a particular telephone number, whether it is a landline or a mobile phone. The individual will not be aware of the fact that their number has been traced back to its registered address.
Our telephone number tracing investigators can provide you with the name and address of the user within 24 hours.

In addition to these details, we will also include other information concerning the individual such as employment, property ownership, marriages and more - FREE of charge. Contact us for your free, no obligation consultation.

Whether you want to trace the user of a mobile number that your partner has been calling or texting, or you want to trace a mobile number that’s been making malicious calls or sending you texts, we can most certainly assist you at a cost you CAN afford. We can also find peoples mobile or landline numbers for you - simply give us the address and we will leo the rest, quickly and accurately.

Mobile phones are commonly used to help people carry out affairs and infidelity. If you suspect your partner is cheating and they have been calling or texting a number that you don’t know or a number has been calling or messaging them, we can provide the name and address of the person listed as the user of that number - within 24 hours or less.

Our phone tracing service has successfully identified individuals, who have harassed, bullied and intimidated our clients by phone. Parents also ask us to trace telephone numbers that have been used to bully, harass or tease their children.

Some of the question that our clients come to us with is:
• who’ is the person who is sending me texts or messages?
• Who has my husband or partner been calling or messaging?
• Who has been calling or messaging my wife or partner?
• Who’s been making annoying or silent calls to my telephone?
• Whose number is on my partner’s mobile or home telephone phone bill?
• How can I verify someone’s ID?
• How can I contact a family member?
• I need to trace a debtor and speak with them on the phone?
Find someone who owes you money

Do you need to find someone who owes you money?
If you want to find someone who owes you money and has been avoiding you or has moved from the address you have for them, you have found the agency that will be able to do this for you - quickly, discreetly and at a cost you CAN afford.
Tracing people who owe money is a vital service of which many Private Investigators boast but few are effective at.

Our advanced debtor trace will provide you with an exact current address for the individual you are seeking, anywhere in The Kenya or overseas. We can start the debtor trace with as little information as a full name and last known address but sometimes may require a little more.

In addition to the CURRENT address details, we will also include other information concerning the individual such as employment*, property ownership, marriages and more - FREE of charge. Contact us for a free and highly competitive quote for your debtor trace.

We understand that in many cases timing is crucial. ALL debtor traces are completed within 24 hours of instruction to proceed and on many occasions, even sooner but without compromise on service or accuracy of information.

Once we have found the person who owes you money, we will, if required, work closely with your legal representatives and should Service of Process be required, we will carry this out at a preferential rate.

You will find that our trace fees are probably the most competitive in The NAIROBI and our levels of service are second to none. Each case is handled proficiently and efficiently by one of our highly trained, and experienced in-house tracing team who will keep you regularly informed of progress.

For our debtor trace enquiries we use the very latest information systems and other discreet resources. We have a reputation for excellence and subsequently, a higher than average success rate, which is currently at 98% (latest update - 14 December 2015).

We always conduct our investigations on a no success, no fee basis which means that we only get paid when we have traced the individual. All enquiries are dealt with in a highly confidential manner.

If in the unlikely event that we are unable to positively locate the individual being traced, we will return a no trace report and in many instances, we will provide you with details directly relating to the extensive investigation carried out which will assist you with any further trace attempts or help you decide which course of action to take next.

If you have an unpaid debt and the individual is avoiding your calls, texts, emails etc, or has even moved from the address they gave you, contact us immediately and we will provide you with a low cost and effective solution, enabling you to recover the money that you are owed.\
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Eagle Private investigator is simply one of the best detective agency in Kenya.Hired them to investigate employees fraud in my company and they give me a report which saved me from a lot of future losses. Thumbs up Eagle.

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