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Thank You so much
Thank you for the time taken to explain this. I have had a look at GS1 Kenya but found it to be a joke!! in terms of costs. Considering I only need 4 barcodes at this stage. And with a start up, you need to watch cash wherever you can. After having another look around I found your business which is great help.
The good thing is that your barcodes comes from the same source as GS1
The best company for products in Kenya. Cheap and affordable and great service.

For Manufacturers in food industry like our company Premier foods this is what we exactly needed.
the bar codes worked excellently for your my products and i was delighted by the kind of services i was offered by the staff at njegi looking forward to going back to them for my new products.your the best guys
Thanks for the prompt service. I know you probably hear it all the time but I so appreciate being rescued from the GS1 site and all the quagmire I was trawling through just to get 6 bar codes.”