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cybersercurity awareness and training
A very well rounded guide of awareness and training to Cybersecurity for Business, great for people that have interest on the field of Cybersecurity and are looking forward to see where skills of this field could be applied for enterprises.
When I chose Loginit I did not have much of expectations. Halfway into the project they really won my heart. My service requests got a person touch and I fell in love.
Professional and elegant
Initially we thought our website was to just validate us as a company. But what it did was actually save a bunch of time by implementing different tools that we didn't even know we could use a website for.
My company (based in S.A) needed IT technician in Kenya ASAP. We really wanted a fast and very effective recruitment. Somebody from M:lab East Africa connected us with MyHRs. It was breathtaking. Less than 24hrs we posted job on MyHRs site we were able to find the right one.
My bff was looking for a right finance staffing agency, we came across trainee world and we called the director,he was young guy who we thought he might not realize our dream. But he proved us wrong he help us to recruit the best fit for the company within a short period. I assured them i will be their client forever.
Last festive season we were overwhelmed with customers orders. We were desperately in need of front office and accounts personnel. We called Trainee World and they solved our problem with 24 hrs with a very promising team. This is the right option for your hiring problems.