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Can delta courier deliver a parcel from united kingdom to Kenya?
Is can delta express courier send a parcel from London to Kenya?How long does it take?
I got a message this morning saying that there's a package for me from UK and that I should clear it so they deliver it to me is it true
My name is Florence wairimu did any parcel arrived from England from Franklin Alex
How do I confirm that I have been send a parcel from the UK
Did any parcel arrive for me last week??
To those who have received their parcels is this flatform legit
Did my parcel reach Kenya from UK from Frank Williams? And how much do we pay for the tax
Did my package arrive today from South Africa?
Did my luggage under the name Patrick William arrive from Canada on Thursday evening?
Did my package arrived yesterday from London?
There is a percel sent to me at mombasa airport and it arrived today morning under the name patricia muthoni...i wanted to confirm if it is there??
WhatsApp +********
Chat on WhatsApp+********
Did my luggage from UK arrive on 19th May?
I want to confirm whether my package arrived there from UK
Confirm my luggage. Is it in your office?
There is a person close to me told me that he has sent a package is it true
I am Caroline Tawa am supposed to receive a parcel from USA from David Britton, I want to confirm that it has arrived please
What mpesa number are we using to pay the goods?
Contact our manager on WhatsApp
Have you received any percel from UK belongs to me ?I have been called by someone and he's requesting me to payksh ******** for it true?kindly help
Contact our manager on WhatsApp +********
Am doroth from kisii someone sent me a package
Hi am Esther WAITHIRA SANTO I was sent a luggage from Canada after it arrived in Kenya someone called and asked me to pay sh10,000 so that I receive my luggage we agreed I pay sh8000 then I pay sh2000 after delivery,after I paid they again asked for sh******** so that they question is does it work that way am really confused
My name is Zaweria, if I’m sent a parcel from UK am I supposed to pay ******** for my parcel to be cleared, kindly assist. Ruth njeri mburu from kenya.someone sent a package for me from London and somebody called and asked me to pay ******** for clearance does it work that way and do you have a package under that name.. please confirm and send me the details.regards.
My name is mary wambui kibogo,am from kenya,and someone sent me a package from UK,but there people calling me asking me to pay ********,for clearance and ******** for a letter,,does it happen like,,and please confirm for me if there is any package by that name
How do I confirm that my parcel is in your office
Please check have anyone send me the item from London to Cambodia by Delta Express? Sender Michael Anderson and reciever Keo Socheat thank you please reply me back
I am Trizah Atieno Odera from pacel just arrived this morning to Kenya from the UK,kindly confirm for me if it's true because I am told I have to pay a sum of 15,000 ksh for me to be delivered for my parcel...please kindly confirm for me,I don't want to just send money when am not sure
How do I confirm that my parcel is in your offices
Am Rebby chepkirui am told my package from UK is in Mombasa airport kindly confirm for me if it is there and please answer it
I would like to find out.l live in Zambia.l was told my parcel is at Jomo Kenyata is from is from James Anderson and suppose to pay $100.They said the manager of delta express delivery service is Rose Nato.l would want to know if its there.My name is Mavis Kamwande.
If someone send me a parcel from UK to Nairobi, am I supposed to pay anything?
Am I supposed to pay before I get my package pliz answer
If someone sent me a parcel from USA to come to nakuru Kenya should i pay for clearance fee when i collect it
Am I suppose to pay for my Parcel ********ksh through mpesa before I have not seen the parcel or I pay on delivery
Kindly confirm the package from Tony Mike Johnson
Am I suppose to pay for the parcel before I see it through mpesa or I should pay on the delivery coz my parcel has arrived n m being asked to send 5000kshs before it is delivered to me is it acceptable???
Am i supposed to pay the delivery through individual phone number or to come n pay for myself. Is it door to door delivery or what? Pliz let me have an answer pliz coz am confused.
Why are these questions not answered? I think there is no use of asking them then..
Kindly confirm my parcel farhia omar
Is there customer fee I have to pay before I get my parcel delivery
My parcel arrived on Wednesday I got a call that the parcel is detained in the airport customs I have to clear & what if I come my self to pick it?
Am in Mombasa was asking I got a call from nrb that muy parcel is there, can't it be brought to ur office in msa
My parcel arrived on Wednesday but until now I have not received yet why
Why is my parcel detained in the airport and who is reponsible
Can one receive a parcel via Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi?
How long does a parcel from the UK take to reach mombasa and how much does it cost to clear?
How long does a parcel from the uk take to each mombasa and how much it cost you to clear

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