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poor communication
Dreamline is so poor in communication. All numbers highlighted for support services are not always picked. why are they there then?? you keep calling the helpline but their is always no one to receive calls and offer assistance.
Departure time
Hi, I booked at mtwapa to depart at 7:15am,only to leave at 10am from mombasa really disappointed with your services, very inconviniencing, kindly improve on it ,otherwise would sort for other means next time
Very unfair.
I booked a ticket even before lockdown.Due to lockdown you suspended all your activities and now that it has been lifted mnasema hadi date 15. Surely am a student mnataka nani anilipie rent na nimemaliza attachment yangu eti hadi date 15 just because management imesema. You are very unfair to me. nani atanipea upkeep na rent. Tafadhali am seeing empty seats pale online can you fix in any of those i really need to go by tomorrow 5/5/2021.
Unsatisfied customer
I was sent a parcel from Mtwapa on Tuesday last week up to they have been taking me in rounds. The parcel's destination was Kisumu.No one seems to want to be held responsible ! all the contacts in Mtwapa and Kisumu are evasive. So who is in charge ! If a client's parcel is lost what should happen ? I want my parcel or refund. I will follow up this to the end ! I want answers
Very careless in parcel
My parcel was sent on Monday till today haven't received if I ask you reply u don't know where it is