The List of Security Companies in Malindi, Kenya

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Arome Security Guards

Tuva Rd, 5859-80210 Bamba, Malindi

Emergency Assistance Radio Services (Coast) L

Malindi Complex, Lamu Rd, Malindi, Box 919-80200, Malindi

Malindi Security Guards

Next to Barclays Bank - Lamu Rd, 1002-80200 , Malindi

Silversands Security Services

Kichinjoni Rd, 5194-80200 , Malindi

Actfast Security Ltd

Royal Complex, 1st Flr /Mombasa Rd, 16760-80100 Mombasa, Malindi

G4S Security Services (K) Ltd

Complex, 593 Lamu Rd, 286-80200 , Malindi

Sentry Response Systems Ltd

Mulla Bldg, 1st Flr Lamu Rd, 1703-80200 , Malindi

Guardforce Group of Companies

Complex Bldg /Lamu Rd, Malindi

Security in Kenya is an issue of growing importance. The country faces a range of security threats, both internal and external, that have the potential to undermine stability, economic growth and development. These threats include terrorism, organized crime, piracy, political instability, and environmental degradation.

The Kenyan government has implemented a number of measures to address these security challenges, including increased security forces, increased border control, and increased intelligence and surveillance capabilities. Additionally, the government has taken steps to strengthen the rule of law, improve the justice system, and address corruption.

The private sector has also been a major player in improving security in Kenya. Private security companies have been established to provide security services to businesses, residences and individuals. Private security companies are also increasingly working with the government to help ensure security and stability in the country.

The international community has also played an important role in supporting security in Kenya. The African Union and the United Nations have both provided financial and technical assistance to help strengthen security in the country. Additionally, the United States and other countries have provided financial and military assistance to help counter terrorism and other security threats.

Overall, security in Kenya is a complex issue that requires a comprehensive approach from both the government and the private sector. With the right measures in place, Kenya can continue to move forward and address the security challenges that it faces.