Best Farming Companies in Kisumu, Kenya

Looking for Best Farming in Kisumu, Kenya? Find the list of Top Best Farming Companies in Kisumu, Kenya on our business directory. Best Farming Companies near me.
Looking for Best Farming in Kisumu, Kenya? Find the list of Top Best Farming Companies in Kisumu, Kenya on our business directory. Best Farming Companies near me.
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Timsales Ltd

Sabuni Rd, 1117-40100 , Kisumu


Nyanza, Kisumu
AquaRech provides farm management services that improve fish production, facilitate market access, and support fair trade.

Sare Millers

WRH6+94F, Kisumu, Kisumu
Sare Millers is a manufacturing company that uses agribusiness to promote social and economic development of farmers. They have implemented the Boresha Maisha na Kuku Kienyeji program, which has been ...


Nyanza, Kisumu
AgriBORA bridges the gap between farmers, inputs, finance, and the output market, creating a comprehensive ecosystem. By combining technological advances with human resources, they are able to reduce ...

Chicken Basket

Nyanza, Kisumu
Chicken Basket is a social business that provides a comprehensive solution to the requirements of farmers. The enterprise provides top-notch chicks, feeds, and medication, in addition to offering trai...

Dairy Technologist

Nyanza, Kisumu
At, we consider farming to be a sacred endeavor. We are committed to providing dairy farmers with the resources and knowledge they need to succeed. We also believe that consumers...

Yaska Petroleum Ltd

Swan Center, Gr Flr Oginga Odinga Rd, Kisumu

Joam Agencies

Swan Centre, Gr Flr Oginga Odinga St, Kisumu

Artech Agencies (KSM) Ltd

Artech Hse Makasembo Rd, Kisumu


Nehru Rd, P.O. Box: 2251, 40100, Kisumu

Impala Auto Spares Ltd

Artech Bldg Makasembo Rd, Kisumu

Kenya Medical Supplies Agency

Postal Address : 256-60200 Meru, Kisumu


Jomo Kenyatta Hwy, KNA Bldg, Gr, P.O. Box: 1244, 40100, Kisumu

Maspa Enterprises Ltd

Obote Rd, 1133-40100 , Kisumu
106 companies
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Farming in Kenya is a vital part of the country's economy and the livelihood of many of its citizens. It is estimated that over 80% of Kenyans are involved in some form of agricultural activity, with the majority of them engaged in small-scale subsistence farming. This type of farming is often characterized by small plots of land and the use of traditional methods, such as hand hoeing and the use of manure and crop rotation to increase soil fertility.

The main crops grown in Kenya are maize, beans, and potatoes, as well as other cash crops such as tea, coffee, and sugarcane. Livestock is also an important part of the agricultural sector, with cattle, goats, sheep, and poultry providing food and income. There has been a focus in recent years on improving the productivity of the sector, with initiatives such as the introduction of better seeds and fertilizers, as well as improved irrigation systems.

Overall, farming in Kenya is essential to the livelihood of many people and provides food security for the country. It is also a major source of export income, providing jobs and revenue for the country. With the right investments and policies, the sector has the potential to play an even bigger role in the development and prosperity of Kenya. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the sector is supported and that farmers have access to the resources they need to succeed. In this way, farming in Kenya can continue to be a source of economic growth and
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