Consultancy Services

About the product
1. Value addition
We advise our clients on improvements required to their property investments in line with the market trends and client needs and expectations for maximum profitability.

2. Financial Solutions
Hyper ventures assists land owners to get finances to develop and improve their land/properties and provides advice to the clients on various joint venture agreement possibilities, current trends and the implications of costs of construction.

We have arrangements with financial institutions where we guarantee our clients get financial assistance easily through MOUs. (Tripartite agreements).

3. Client/Customer retention
We enhance good relationship with the landlords and the tenants by responding and solving the problems which might arise in the premises amicably. This makes the tenants to stay longer in our premises hence profitability.

4.Investment advice
We advise and train clients in developing properties which meets the customer needs and expectations in line with the market trends for maximum profitability.

5. Marketing
Through our website and social media, we create a high network platform where we advertise the properties for sale and also for the vacant houses. Our properties and houses get tenants very fast hence maximum profitability.
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