For our clients that prefer the whistling of the sea breeze, we got you covered. Book our visits to the marine parks in Mombasa and Watamu. These will make your stay memorable. Spend your day frolicking with the dolphins. You could also get close up to a humpback whale or two. You can also get a discreet view of the endangered sea turtles as they hatch and head off to sea. All this happen on the protected beaches where the adults lay their eggs.

Finally, there is nothing as enchanting as snorkeling along the coral reef. This is home to all types of colorful and fascinating marine lives. If you do not want to get into the water, you can also take a tour in a glass-bottomed boat. All this is courtesy of Eddie Mors African Tours and Safaris. For the thrill-seekers, we also provide an assortment of water sports such as windsurfing, jet skiing, and sailing. So, contact us for a fun-filled adventure.

If your idea of a holiday is a place where you can get away from all the hustles of modern living, then, look no further than Eddie Mors African tours and safaris. You will be spoilt for choice.

Whether it is pristine beaches, romantic ambiance or simply relaxation that you seek, we have it all.
We work with many hotels, apartments, and cottages each offering a unique experience. You can access a hotel with a private beach away from the crowds or one within an area with a pulsating night-life. All this and more is available at the click of a button.

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