About the product
The barcodes are acquired by Manufacturers and Wholesalers for use in the products supply chain.
The barcodes;
1. Describe the price for each individual item.
2. Ensure accurate pricing of goods.
3. They eliminate the need for in-house barcoding by retailers, therby reducing their cost of operation.
4. Eliminate the risk of teller's errors at point of sale in entering product prices.
5. Ensure fast provision of service to customers.
6. Prevent swapping of price tags.
7. Eliminate removal/missing of price tags on products.
8. Eliminate illegibility of price tags.
9. Ensure effective and efficient inventory management.
10. Enhance international trading of products without need for different barcodes.
Ksh5000 Reg fee (One off) & Ksh300/barcode(yearly)
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