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The other day I heard about a neighbour in our complex that lost his entire family to a home break in and my heart went out to him and his family. Such a sad thing could have been avoided by living in an area that is set up to ensure safety for the people who live within the complex.

Our families are the most important aspects of our lives and in today’s dangerous world safety is a major concern for us all.

Here are 3 reasons why having cameras will lessen the perils of the outside world and keep you and yours safe and secure with the simple technology that video surveillance offers our society today in our modern world. If you do not live in a complex that is set up with a safe living environment take this article with you as you pay your monthly rent and give it to your landlord. The outside world is full of dangers but your home should be your castle secure and safe for you and your family.
Reason One (Violent Crime):

With the high amount of local break ins, car-jacking and bank robberies it is proven that a complex that is gated and has video surveillance is less likely to have a bad element come in thus changing the statistic that your complex will be broken into.
Reason Two (Vandalism):

Vandalism in our society has hit an all time high and if your complex was equipped with video surveillance this crime would be stopped before it happened. Just yesterday I read about a local business that had the front window smashed and the burglar bars removed. But if the business had been protected accordingly there would have been no damage as the young men would have been scared away seeing cameras on top of the store.
Reason Three (Thefts and Break-ins):

Having a video surveillance system will save your complex money in the long run. Knowing they are being monitored and recorded criminals are far less likely to even try break into homes and cars.

Even cctv cameras placed in central areas can be surprisingly affordable and the feeling of security for the residents is priceless.

Property costs money to be replaced, but it can be replaced. You and your family are irreplaceable; no insurance company can bring a loved one back.

Having a simple video surveillance system on the perimiter and access areas of your complex is a must have in today’s uncertain times as the old adage remains true even now “it is better to be safe than sorry”.

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