Car Interior Cleaning/Car Upholstery Cleaning in Nairobi

Car interior upholstery cleaning service specializes in removing dirt and stains from food and drinks spilling in your car, auto or van.

We come to your house to clean your car seats and carpets while you wait in the comfort of your home. We steam clean fabric and leather car interior upholstery.

All appointments to clean your auto upholstery need to be a sunny day to allow 2 hours for your upholstery interior to dry. If your too busy to clean your car interior seats and auto upholstery then let us come to your house and do it while you relax inside.

Car upholstery and carpets usually take about 2 hours to dry well if its a nice sunny day. I dont recommend cleaning your auto upholstery if its raining. Its important to leave your doors open or else your car upholstery could develop mildew which smells bad and can cause flu like symptoms.

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