PMP Mentoring Session

PMP Mentoring Session
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Duration: 36 Hours (6hrs every Saturday) From 14th May - 25th June 2016

The Project Management Framework embodies a project life cycle and five major project management Process Groups:
- Initiating.
- Planning.
- Executing.
- Monitoring and Controlling.
- Closing.
- Encompassing a total of 47 processes.
Mapped to these five process groups are ten project management Knowledge Areas:
Introduction to Project Management
Organizational Influences & Project Life Cycle
Project Management Processes
Project Integration Management
Project Scope Management
Project Time Management
Project Cost Management
Project Quality Management
Project Human Resource Management
Project Communications Management
Project Risk Management
Project Procurement Management
Project Stakeholder Management

The processes of these knowledge areas are described by their inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs. The PMBOK also emphasizes the interaction and interdependence between different process groups. For example, the outputs from one process may be used by one or more other processes as inputs.

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