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Fraud Investigation Services In Kenya
Identify risks and develop effective defenses to protect your business
Fraud and blackmail evolve at the cutting edge of technology, finding new ways to exploit time-tested concepts; we identify your weaknesses and trace instigators to create solutions and protect your position.

Increasingly using technology to their advantage, effective international fraud and blackmail operators can tear apart dated defences or the unprepared with little more than a mobile phone.
Fraudsters and blackmailers both rely on their victim feeling trapped or exposed, whether they are attacking individuals or corporations; it is an attack based on creating fear.

Fraud Investigation services In KenyaUtilizing our specialist and discreet corporate private investigators that act in the strictest confidence, we can help you identify your risks and consult on developing effective defenses and responses that protect the interests of your business.

Our tailored blackmail and fraud investigation packages include;
Financial analysis and investigation
Paper trail navigation and evidence
Identification of fraudsters
Tracing of blackmail instigators
Legal support and evidence accumulation
Loss recovery advice
Fraud and blackmail weakness evaluations
Weakness mitigation and security consulting
Asset Tracing
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