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At Tetto Homes we provide design and build services with the very latest in technology and craftsmanship. We take the project from conception through to handing over including all of the necessary documentation and documentation management duties, so that you don’t have to worry about millions of details.
We have developed a process that ensures we get the best results for our clients by listening to their needs and making sure they are satisfied with the final outcome. Our aim is to provide a quality service that is affordable, efficient and hassle free. We have a team of highly qualified designers who will work with you to create your dream home. We will work closely with you from the beginning, helping you choose the best materials and finishes for your new home. We believe in creating homes that are both aesthetically pleasing, yet practical and functional. Press Tab to write more...
Tetto Homes is the right choice to make your dream of a house come true. We take the stress of managing the process away from you, allowing you to enjoy the journey with your children and family.
We are a renowned firm in Kenya offering a full range of services. We have an exceptional team of experts to assist you every step of the way from obtaining site control from planning to building your home. It is a one stop shop for all your home improvement needs.
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