Surveillance survices

About the product

Our professional investigators will successfully document all of your Subject’s activities with clear, quality, timed and dated videotape

Skilled at blending in with the crowd, our team of investigators conduct undercover investigations, using state-of-the-art equipment, and highly professional, covert, intelligence-gathering techniques. WE PROVIDE OUR CLIENTS WITH RESULTS!!!

Whether you need to gather intelligence on a suspected cheating spouse, obtain evidence of theft, stalking, harassment, vandalism, or require the services of an undercover surveillance team for a corporate or criminal defense investigation, Cheetah Run, can provide the technology, resources, and expertise to deliver the results and evidence that you require.

Our specialists can also install hidden electronic surveillance cameras and equipment, in order to capture that elusive video evidence that you are seeking. We can even employ Night Vision Technology to ensure subjects’ activities are visible in the dark, and that the video provides constant coverage.

When you have a situation that calls for undercover investigations, the value is in the solidity and integrity of the evidence gathered. Our professional investigators have many years of combined experience and are skilled at obtaining the results and evidence that you require.

All of our investigations are conducted in strict compliance with applicable laws and in a manner that will ensure that the evidence that we obtain is safe and secure, and is admissible in legal proceedings.
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