Time Reversal Anti-Aging Kit for 45years+

Time Reversal Anti-Aging Kit for 45years+
About the product
This kit contains 3 anti-aging time reversal products. Its suitable for both Men and Women 45years and above, who want to look younger without harming their skin with toxic products. this product is 100% Natural.
it contains:
1) Time Reversing SkinGenist Eye cream: This is a light, nourishing eye cream with a formula for reducing wrinkles, and lifting the skin around the eyes. it costs Ksh 1900

2) Time Reversing SkinGenist Day cream SPF 15: Dramatically diminishes wrinkles and visibly improves skin radiance, firmness, resilience and Tone. It costs Ksh 2900

3) Time Reversing SkinGenist Night cream:All Night Geinistein awakens and re-activates your beauty Genes, to reverse the sighs of ageing while sleeping. It costs Ksh 2900
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