Sewage Draining and cleaning

Sewage Draining and cleaning
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Sewer line problems
-Leaking joints – because Oklahoma has clay it the soil, the ground shifts and moves causing the plumbing pipe connections to come apart allowing debris and soil into the pipe restricting the flow.
-Broken, cracked, collapsed or offset – because of the clay re positioning the ground, the force breaks, cracks, and collapses the sewer line allowing soil to enter, which restricts proper draining.
-Bellied pipeline – because of the clay re positioning the ground, the force pushes the pipe downwards creating a valley for paper and waste to collect.
-Corrosion – After time, a plumbing pipe deteriorates and breaks apart internally causing the pipe to break apart and allowing dirt to enter the pipe restricting the passage.
-Blockage – a buildup of grease or a large foreign object that restricts or prohibits the flow and/or cleaning of the sewer line
Root infiltration – if there is a break in a line, this allows roots to get into your system. Eventually it can overtake the entire line restricting complete flow through the pipe.
-Faulty pipe – the use of substandard pipes causes the pipe to age and deteriorate more quickly.
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