Alpha to the rescue.. One night I'm about to position myself to lie on the sofa. In my peripheral I see something that look like a cockroach. I wasn't quit sure tho because I'd never seen that kind before. However, I knew it wasn't suppose to be in my home..Hesitantly I checked it out.. AND LOW & BEHOLD A GAWT DAMN COCKROACH ..I started feeling a lil faint.. I HATE ROACHES.. I'm from New Orleans where they fly..Why must a cockroach roach fly is beyond me.. Ugh!!! Anyway, I pulled some courage from somewhere to kill it.. Immediately following that ordeal, I came to yelp searching for exterminators.. I called on a Thursday night, William was here Saturday morning ..I explained to him what had taken place and he got to work.. There's a city man hole that sits between my home & my neighbor's home.. During summer nights, it's covered with roaches..Needless to say none had never came in my home.

William was very knowledgable as it relates to those unwanted guest..He was prompt & thorough..He was very informative about their product. All the information he provided, proved to be true. Days later I was seeing dead cockroaches all in the garage and on the outside of my home...I've been recommending Alpha to my neighbors.

Pros: the chemical that's used is odorless
Cons: it will leave residue on hardwood floors

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