Visa Application

If you intend to travel abroad; to Canada, United States or Europe for studies, vacation, conference, work, visiting a relative or going on business, as a Kenya then you will definitely need to apply for a visa. Visa is a entry permit that legally allow you to enter any country. We will assist you in evaluating everything, to make sure that your application meets the required standard for approval.

There are different types of visa categories one can apply. The type of visa category you wish to apply depends on the purpose of travel and you must get proper documents to support your application.

For Canadian Visa categories and general Visa application visit Canadian Visa Centre VFS for general application details and information

Main Visas

Temporary Resident Visa (Business, Conference, Tourist, Medicals, Sports). The temporary Resident category allows you to stay in the country for a short period of time, up to a maximum of 6 months. But this will depend on the Country.
Study Visa
Immigrant Visa: Express Entry Immigrate as a skilled worker, and the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program.
We stand for simplifying visa applications and their ability to simplify communications between the client and the embassy. We engage and inspire people to explore the world easily without barriers. We are one of the reliable, proficient, trustworthy, and distinctive visa and immigration consultants in Kenya and the East Africa Region, striving to provide the best visa services according to our clients’ goals to travel or migrate to their dream destinations.

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