Weekends Boot Camp

Price: KES12,500
Looking for the best School Holiday Programmes or Summer Camps for your kids/children in Kenya during holidays? These holidays why not encourage your children to try something different, new and exciting – in this 3 days, 2 nights experience, we organise activities that are essential in bringing teens together to accomplish a common goal. This is key and vital to help in the development of kids/teens to improve the following skills, social skills, problem solving, communication, cooperation, listening, self- esteem, idea exchange, working with others, leadership and creative thinking.

SuperTeens Camp in Kenya , organised by Learning Mastery and intensive training personally by Maverick's Camp, Roundavels and Homestay, Africa Escapades Ltd and their dynamic teams. All children are special, each child is born with some talents and some weaknesses, by discovering their talents recognize, encourage and developing them, overcome their weakness that helps to bring out the best in your child and teen.

What we cover:-
Shopping Experience - How to account for money and GET CHANGE BACK!
Nature walks
Bonfire and
Loads of fun

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