As a compliment to the existing Industrial gases available, Gas Africa is pleased to have added High Purity Argon – a colourless and odourless industrial gas – to its product list.

Argon, which constitutes approximately 0.93% of the air, is extracted through a complex filtration process using an Air Separation Unit (ASU).

Gas Africa is aware of the importance of offering this chemically inert gas as it is used in many industrial applications – including the following:

Steel industry – for the decarburizing of stainless steel.
Stainless Steel welding – by a process of TIG welding.
Metal Fabrication industry – used as a shield gas in arc welding, root shielding and plasma cutting. It protects welds against oxidation.
Given the upcoming industries, including the restoration of the railways and various pipeline projects, in Kenya and beyond, Gas Africa is committed to be among the leading gas suppliers in Kenya providing High Purity Argon (99.995%) to support the companies aiding in building a stronger and future-proof Africa.

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