Nikohapa Customer Loyalty Program

Price: 2900/=
NikoHapa platform allows customers to “checkin” to Businesses by sending unique product-identification codes to the NikoHapa server. They do this by texting to 4272 (@ 1 KES), using our mobile app, or the web.
They can also check in by simply tapping the NikoHapa Card on NikoHapa terminals.
The place can offer a promotion based on the number of checkins/points – for example “a free top for every 10 points”. The card allows the customer to accrue points based on their spend.
Customers who allow their checkins to show on facebook and twitter provide great marketing to themselves and their cherished brand.

We aim to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with your Organization in a partnership that
propels your business to greater levels of growth and success.

We look forward to an appointment at your convenience to further expound on the various benefits that you would gain from our services.

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