Price: $ 220 - $ 250ppd
I Dream of Africa Tours & Safaris provides different tape of Safaris & Holidays from Budget Camping Safaris to High Luxury Tented Safaris.
Each Safari it has different range of Rates which differ according to customers budget. We have tailor made Safari which allow the customer to plan he/she holidays and our professional Team summarize and get back to customer for booking.

I Dream of Africa Tours & Safaris establish a Budget Camping Safaris as the way to make each person Dreams comes true. The Budget Camping Safaris Rates starting from $ 220 per person per day which most of people they can afford!

The High Luxury Tented Safari is one of the Luxury Safari which you will never compare as it will give you the reality of the Nature with different views which leaves with different feelings about Nature!

I Dream of Africa Tours & Safaris display both camping Safari according to long experience with Nature and to allow people feel more privacy during on their holidays!
Please feel free to contact with Team who they will assist you with more details.

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