Cage type motor soft starter

I  Application
Suitable for cage motors with a rated voltage is 3kV~10kV, especially in enterprises where power grid capacity is not enough.
II Features:
● Small start current, the current is 1.5~3.5 times of rated current
● Smooth starting, no shock, make the grid reliable, protect the motor, and prolong its life span.
● Can start 5-7 times in succession
● With sound warning and protection function;
● PLC control, more reliable;
● Simple structure, easy to maintain;
● Two patented structures: rotary plate structure and flat type structure, suitable for different kinds of load;
● One patented product: Frequent-starting type high voltage cage motor starter, suitable for occasions need frequently start. 
III Standards
● 3~35kV AC metal closed switch equipments GB3906-1991;
● WLQ cage style motor starter: Q/XWZ5-2001.

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