LG Air Conditioner

Price: Negotiable

LG brings you this might dual inverter split air conditioner. This ac has a sleek modern design; it greatly enhances the overall appeal of you room. This ac is designed to ensure ultra-fast cooling no matter how harsh the weather conditions outside. This ac features smooth curves that lends to its gorgeous design. It features 2 Ton of cooling capacity, perfectly suited for medium to large sized rooms.
Durable Built
This air conditioner features a unique dual inverter rotary compressor. This effectively removes improper cooling and high ambient noise. This air conditioner is designed to cool faster, last longer and run quieter. This state of the art compressor comes with a 10 year warranty. This ensures that this ac will serve you well for years to come.
Safe and Efficient Cooling
An inverter compressor is capable of running on variable speeds to maintain desired indoor temperatures. Dual inverter technology goes one step further to offer even faster cooling while offering exceptional energy savings. This air conditioner comes with a high-quality dust protection filter which keeps dust, microorganisms and other harmful elements at bay. This ensures that you always breathe easy and healthy.
Adjustable Cooling Experience
The PCB in this LG air conditioner has been upgraded to allow protection against fluctuating voltages. This also ensures that your ac is protected against sudden power surges, which can effectively damage electronics without a safety mechanism. This assures the safety of your near and dear ones. It doesn’t require a separate stabilizer to operate, it can operate between a voltage range of 145 - 290V.

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