Psychometric Testing

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Unlike facets such as education, skills, experience, appearance and punctuality, the behavioral traits and personality of a candidate can be much more difficult to assess during an interview. That is why psychometric tests are used in selection and other human resource decisions.
For employers, psychometric testing could help to gauge the future performance of a candidate and hopefully improve employee retention by making successful hiring decisions.
The main advantages of using psychometric tests are:
Objectivity – they dramatically reduce bias and personal perspective.
Clarity – they provide a robust framework and structure.
Cost Effective: They are affordable way to deal with a large number of candidates.
Fast: they shorten the recruitment cycle and eliminate candidates who may not excel early in the hiring process;
Equality and fairness for all individuals;
Increase the likelihood of being able to predict future job performance ;
Ensure that candidates are assessed on skills only relevant to the job.
Confirm or challenge your interview findings.

Growth Partners offers 2 Psychometric Tests
1. The Sales Aptitude Tests
2. The Personality Profiling Test

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