High voltage soft starter

I  ApplicationOur WGQH motor starter is suitable for 10kV cage motors. Widely used in cement, fan, water pump, ball mill, crane, crusher etc.   II Features:  Adopts imported thyristor and professional insulating materials, which is suitable for motor characteristics.  The main circuit is component structure, modular installation. With multiple over-voltage protection, reliable enough. Perfectly isolation of different currents: the system adopts high anti-interference digital trigger and CT isolation transmission, avoid the mutual interference between strong and weak electricity. Unique fault check and adjust system, it can pass the test results to control circuits quickly, alarm and take measures to prevent the fault to expand. Working efficiency is as high as 97%, much more competitive in the market. Multiple protections: over-current, short-circuit, limit current, over-voltage, over-load, missing phase etc. Special design of heat emission can cooling the thyristor quickly Many starting methods: soft start, double-voltage slope starting, kick start etc.  Small volume, low power consumption, high sensitivity, easy to install etc.

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