Sofa-Set/Upholstery/seats cleaning in Nairobi

Green Carpet Cleaning EXPERT source for the finest in State-of-the-art Chemical FREE Commercial Cleaners and Heavy Duty and Commercial cleaning "Dry" Vapor Cleaning Systems.We offer Professional Sofa sets and upholstery cleaning in Nairobi, Kenya.
0ur personal experience with vapor steam cleaning began when we started using steam for car interior cleaning which makes car dries within 30 minutes and our quest to offer ECO-FRIENDLY GREEN CLEANING SERVICES FOR SANITIZING OFFICES, HOMES ,CARPETS, AUTO INTERIOR,MATTRESSES

CLOTH-UPHOLSTERY,AND LEATHER-UPHOLSTERY.Sanitizing is recommended to be be done TWICE A MONTH to kill DUST-MITE & THEIR EGGS.We improve our own cleaning results, increase employee productivity, and decrease the use of allergetic and caustic chemicals at our clients homes and businesses.

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