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Great service! Your technician contacted me directly and worked with my schedule. He's friendly and knowledgeable. He checked all areas around the house and answered all questions. Thank you!"
Alpha Ecological Pest Control Company is simply the best in every aspect. Courteous, knowledgable and efficient staff. I booked an appointment and they manage to fit me in on the same day. Thank you so much William for your friendly and professional service. I would not have any hesitations in referring Alpha Ecological Pest Control Company to family and friends.
Called Alpha Ecological Pest Control yesterday for a problem with mice. They were super friendly and got me an appointment the next morning. Excellent customer service from Fredrick. He informed me that we didn't really need his services at this point and mouse traps should do the trick based on what he saw in our home. I appreciated his honesty and thorough assessment of our home. Definitely would recommend. Faster response rate than the others on businesslist. And the initial visit is free!!
Am very happy with your work Fredrick the only problem you have not come do the follow up as you promise just to be sure everything is fine.Its now 3months.
I must say... Alpha Pest Control was, by far, the best experience with ANY type of home service. They're a local service, so they don't try and harass you with big contracts. He was early for the appointment. He was completely knowledgeable about everything.. from squirrels to rats to traps and bait. He was an extremely nice guy. I had read reviews and was optimistic, but truly understand the reason behind all of the high ratings. I'll give him ****** stars.
And 1/2 so far. Really knowledgable, thorough, and Fredrick is a really nice guy. He came the day after I called him. Was early. Found a few whacked roaches, but none alive. Got pests, get mtb.
Alpha to the rescue.. One night I'm about to position myself to lie on the sofa. In my peripheral I see something that look like a cockroach. I wasn't quit sure tho because I'd never seen that kind before. However, I knew it wasn't suppose to be in my home..Hesitantly I checked it out.. AND LOW & BEHOLD A GAWT DAMN COCKROACH ..I started feeling a lil faint.. I HATE ROACHES.. I'm from New Orleans where they fly..Why must a cockroach roach fly is beyond me.. Ugh!!! Anyway, I pulled some courage from somewhere to kill it.. Immediately following that ordeal, I came to yelp searching for exterminators.. I called on a Thursday night, William was here Saturday morning ..I explained to him what had taken place and he got to work.. There's a city man hole that sits between my home & my neighbor's home.. During summer nights, it's covered with roaches..Needless to say none had never came in my home.

William was very knowledgable as it relates to those unwanted guest..He was prompt & thorough..He was very informative about their product. All the information he provided, proved to be true. Days later I was seeing dead cockroaches all in the garage and on the outside of my home...I've been recommending Alpha to my neighbors.

Pros: the chemical that's used is odorless
Cons: it will leave residue on hardwood floors

This is a great company. My parents' house in Karen has been plagued recently by moths. The bugs were living off of flour, rice, and other grains in the pantry. Alpha Ecological Pest Control came to our house within 24 hours and helped address the problem.

The team at Alpha Ecological Pest Control was courteous, knowledgeable, and action-oriented. I highly recommend hiring this team!

Prompt response to query . Efficient service by technician . Full explanation and exploration of problem . Reliable confident dealing with problem .

I received an immediate and prompt quote from Alpha - which was very competitive. However, it was the service that has led me to award this excellent business 5 stars. They were able to send out a technician within 24 hours. He arrived on time. He knew what he was doing. He was polite. He really looked into the problem and then dealt with it without making any silly false promises. Overall, I was very impressed and would highly recommend this company.

I am happy to recommend Alpha as I found the reception staff friendly and helpful and I was booked immediately for the following morning for an inspection. The inspector arrived on time, was clear in his explanations, did a thorough inspection and the follow-up report was well set out with clear recommendations. I felt confident about the level of expertise.
I have now called twice on Alpha and had a good experience on both occasions.

I haven't actually had a chance to hire Alpha (yet), but I wanted to leave a review regarding his response time and general professionalism. I'm in an awkward situation where I'm on the west coast, trying to sell a house on the east coast, and I have a bunch of minor repairs that need to be done before the date of the closing. One of those repairs is a pest treatment for powder post beetles, and I'm having an insanely hard time even getting other companies to answer my calls or e-mails - including the company that performed the original inspection and estimate!

Alpha answered my call from inside an attic, and followed up via e-mail within a few hours. He's been beyond understanding with regards to my extremely tight timeline, and the quote he gave me was quite reasonable. Unfortunately (well, sort of unfortunately), my realtor has in the meantime found and scheduled another company to come in and do the work within 12 hours. Alpha turn-around time was more like 24-48 hours. In normal circumstances, that's a stellar turn-around time, but a looming house sale makes even 12 hours matter.

If for some reason things fall through with my realtor's selected company, I'll get back in touch with Milton. It's extremely reassuring just to know that a company as professional as Alpha exists, and I strongly suggest that you hire them for your pest-control needs.

I leased a house to students in Nairobi – the first and last time – and the kitchen was in a right mess. There were big and small cockroaches everywhere, even in the cupboards. I was so disgusted, I didn’t want to go near it, let alone clean it. A friend suggested I get professionals to take care of the problem. After you were gone there was not a trace of the cockroaches. Thank you Alpha.’
Thanks Jebrill we will keep offering a good service to you.
I've already recommended Alpha Ecological Pest Control to a few of my friends. I shopped around and found that they had the most affordable prices. They were very accommodating to us because we had a flood in a vacant house that we were planning to move back into. They helped us get the job done on a tight schedule and I really appreciated that. They were quick, efficient, and professional. They informed us of everything that they were doing the whole way and got the job done right.

We are always there to make our clients feel comfortable at home sweet home

Why so happy??? I thought I may have a bedbug infestation. I had some well known pest control company in Kenya out and they told me YES - you have a big infestation - and here is a contract and it will cost you KES 80,000. THANKFULLY I listened to my instincts and got a second opinion. I called Alpha Ecological Pest Control in Kileleshwa and Fredrick was very concerned about my situation, knowing I had already signed a contract with the exterminator and had only to cancel the contract. Fredrick and fellow inspector william come out the next day. I opened the door to Doug and knew no matter what the outcome I was in good hands! He spent an hour inspecting the target bedroom - and concluded there was NO evidence of infestation and NO treatment needed.

Their website is so informative for anyone who travels and needs a better understanding how to best protect your home.

At the end of the day - right now - no pesty bed bugs. It is easy to recommend an honest, friendly great company like Alpha Ecological Pest Control. Thank you again!
William is our exterminator and he is fantastic. He knows that I am allergic to insects and is great about getting to every nook and cranny to ensure I am safe. He is a pleasure to work with and always offers great suggestions to keep our house safe from Roaches! Thanks

My mom's house in Loresho had a rat problem, I am at animal lover (got 3 indoor cats) so I let them go they were cute at first by few weeks in it turned out to be a real issue they multiplied quickly, they infected the entire yard and few got into the house on few cases, we had to get them removed.

I called Alpha Ecological Pest Control after I found them on Business list, William came and you could tell the guy is a pro from the get go, he explained us exactly what he is going to do and how much is it going to cost,
he also told us about his 1 year guarantee which really put my and my mom's mind at ease, his guys came the next day got rid of all the rats and rat proofed all possible entry points, to date they did not come back,
however William said that if they will just to give them a call and they would come to take care of it, for year afterwards!

Great service all around would use them again the future also recommended him to my 2 friends which are home owners. thanks again.

I can't say enough good things about these guys. Ok, I'll try. I had an extremely difficult problem to solve, almost impossible. Alpha Pest Control threw everything they had at it and were completely dedicated to finding a solution for me. They tried different things and ended up coming to my house somewhere between 4-6 times for hours at a time. All this for one fee, which included a guarantee which they certainly honored in spades. No doubt they lost money on me, but my case was very rare, and they really did revel in the challenge. Did they solve it eventually? Yes they did and we've been happy and peaceful ever since. These guys are great to work with, fun, tenacious, honest, and they know their stuff and enjoy their jobs.
I had wasps by our front door. Fredrick from Alpha told me they were dauber wasps that kill spiders. They don't sting unless you bother their nest so we left them alone. He did find some paper wasps by our shed and got rid of them. Fredrick was very nice and knew a lot about bugs. It was very inexpensive and fast. I will definately call again.

I am not really in the habit of writing reviews, but when I receive exceptional service I feel it is earned. My family and I have been terrorized by these huge camel/cave crickets that have lived in our basement for years. I have to go down there to so laundry, so I can't avoid them. My children, however, refuse to go down to the basement. These crickets do not jump away from you when you walk towards them, they actually jump towards you, which makes them even more terrifying.

I decided we had had enough with these disgusting critters and called Alpha Ecological Pest Control Company. They answered the phone right away and told me they would have someone at my house the next day, since it was already late in the afternoon, otherwise, I do believe they would have been there that same day.

They fully explained the treatment to me, which I was very happy about. Fredrick told me they were going to use all-natural ingredients rather than toxic sprays or other treatments. This was important to me, since I have small children and a dog. The technician was very nice, informative and professional. The treatment took about 15 minutes, and it literally worked within a day. I went downstairs the following morning and there were no crickets jumping around. The only ones I even saw (and there weren't many) were dead. I haven't seen a live one since.

I highly recommend them for any of your pest control needs.

Thank you Alpha Ecological!
No one wants a reason to call a pest control service, but if you need someone thorough, courteous, full of more bug and critter information than you ever asked without the typical hard sell, call Alpha . What more do you need from an exterminator? Oh that's right, no contract!

Cost more, but I'm worth it. The initial inspection and treatment--indoors and out--was about KSH 6,500 but if I have any more unwelcome visitors, they will come back at no additional cost between now and their next visit, scheduled for three months from the initial treatment. Honestly, I would rather pay a little more and have the peace of mind knowing they'll come back for free in the interim.

Since the treatment approximately a month ago, I have only seen two bugs (one inside and one in the garage) and both well on their way to meeting with their maker (d-e-a-d, in other words--the best kind of bug if you have to have one).

To sum up: no more bugs, no charge for inbetween appointment visit, no sales pitch, no contract.

All these 5 star reviews don't lie. These guys are where it's at.

We bought this home in April, not knowing when the last spraying was. After a few months, here came the bugs. We called them (based off all the businesslist reviews) and they came out and laid a thick coat down. Awesome. Then we even agreed to a "gentlemen's agreement" for them to come out and spray. No paperwork or contracts, just our word that we would use them every 3 months. That was cool.

Here's the best part. About a month or so after they came, I washed my back patio with water to clean it. I did 2 bad things: washed away the protective bug barrier, and agitated a lot of bugs! With my in-laws flying in from Mombasa on Wednesday, I desperately called and left a message on the previous Saturday (5 days). First thing Monday morning, they call me back. They could hear the panic in my voice. Then they scheduled an in-between touch-up appointment for the very next morning at 8AM. 8AM arrives and Clay is right on time. Professional, prompt, courteous, and not skimpy on the spray, Clay laid the smack down on those bugs. Best part? This was included in our "gentlemen's agreement" - no charge for a touch up!

Awesome staff, awesome service, and awesome results. No gimmicks, just straight-forward service. I don't plan on leaving these guys anytime soon.
Last summer, Fredrick with Alpha ecological pest control company came out and resolved our long standing sugar ant problem for the first time since we've moved here 4 years ago. His products are safe, non-smelly and most importantly, super effective. While he told us it would take a few times of spraying-and it did- we basically just called him when we'd see the ants, and he would be out to spray when it worked with our schedule. Now, no more ants and a happier house.

When he came out, he was consistently professional, polite and willing to show us 'problem areas' in the house so we could watch for where they might be entering/exiting.

So ants are gone but when our dogs started barking at all hours of the night at the heating vents and we suspected a rat in our crawlspace, I knew just who to call. With one visit, he covered the areas in traps/bait stations and within a week, it was clear that the rat was caught, as soon as the smell wafted up, we called and he was there that day to remove the biggest rat I've ever seen. He did this all without my 3 year old daughter detecting what he was there for.

This wasn't our first pest control company, but it will be our last as long as Fredrick's around.
I love Alpha Ecological Pest Control! I can now live anxiety free in my home again =)

After I came back from a summer away, I unfortunately discovered that mice found their way in! I kept on finding mouse droppings on the kitchen counters & that's when my long battle with the mouse began. My roomie & I started keeping the kitchen sparkling clean, put peppermint oil everywhere, & our landlord put traps around. Those mice are so smart!!! --- droppings still everyday no matter what we did! It finally got worse bc we started to find droppings in other rooms & I was hearing rustling while I was sleeping! ECKK!!!

long story short --- the mice in my home made me a paranoid mess but then Alpha came to my rescue. When I called, I was a rambling crazy person but Alpha was SO INCREDIBLY PATIENT & nice! They listened & told me that they would send a person over right away. Before I knew it, an Alpha employee was at my door. They thoroughly checked every nook & cranny of the house while educating me all about the habits of mice. The best part was that they used no poisons or chemicals. They really know what they're doing & how to deal with mice -- they knew exactly where to look & how to seal up all the holes.

Happy to say -- no more mice!!!!!!!! I can happily live in my own home again & not be scared I'll bump into a mouse! Alpha made me feel completely taken care of at all times -- they even checked up on me after their visit! call Alpha, you'll be happy you did!!
I just cannot say enough good things about Alpha Ecological Pest Control. Fredrick, William, and everyone else at the company are generous, honest, reliable, and professional. Here's the story.

A few weeks ago, my fiancé and I had an overnight guest who woke up with mysterious red spots on her face. We've all been thoroughly traumatized by the constant fear of bed bugs, so we immediately freaked out and called the first bed bug inspection company we looked up.

It was not Alpha. That was a big mistake.

The first company sent over a technician and handler to do an "inspection," and the whole experience was terrible and unprofessional. The handler stomped all over our furniture and bedding in her shoes, seemed hostile and distracted the entire time, and answered every single one of our questions with, "I don't know. You'll have to call the office." She didn't even do a visual inspection; instead, she let her dog do all the work.

Simply put: it did not inspire confidence.

Enter Fredrick Kanga, the sales technician of Alpha Ecological Pest Control and my freaking hero. I had actually talked to Fredrick once before, about eight months earlier, when David found a shiny spider beetle in our shower and we freaked out (of course). But Tim looked at a photo, reassured us that it was not, in fact, a bed bug and we moved on with our lives.

Apparently, right after my friend woke up with those red spots, I had left a message on Fredrick's phone during my initial meltdown and promptly forgot about it. So it came as a surprise when my phone rang and it was Tim on the other end of the line. "What's going on?" he asked, calmly.

I told him about everything -- including our terrible experience with the other inspectors -- and he confidently told me that he could help. A few days later, William (another Alpha employee) showed up with another another bed bug heat machine.

The two inspection experiences were night-and-day different. William was professional, well-informed, and respectful of our apartment. William took almost ninety minutes to do a painstaking visual inspection of every corner of our apartment. He answered all of my questions in detail, confirmed that we do not (thank God) have a bed bug infestation, and suggested some possible alternate explanations for what happened to my friend's face. Before he left, he gave me a packet of information about how we can protect our apartment in the future.

Fredrick and William are more than just professional -- they are generous. Bed bugs are scary, and there are a lot of companies out there that take advantage of people's fear and panic. I know we got screwed by the first company, so I am so grateful to Fredrick and William for swooping in to save the day. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Fredrick is one of the nicest people I've ever spoken with! Thankfully though I didn't wind up needing his services :) It was well past midnight and I had a rash of bites on my arm and being a ny-er I automatically assumed those nasty little bugs! So I hopped on businesslist and looked for a recco... emailed them and literally a few minutes later got a call back, "is it too late?" - "no, not at all" "if you send me pics of the bites I can tell you what we're dealing with" sure... and he did ... called me right back - almost 1 am at this point - and said not bed bugs, go to a derm in the am and get some cream, then get the couch steam cleaned (emailed me some names and numbers right away) and said all will be fine! - The worst part is i didn't get to meet the cute little pups, guess I should count those blessings ;) Thanks guys! If and when I need or anyone I know needs - I WILL TOTALLY RECOMMEND YOU! Never again go to any other exterminator! If your landlord sends someone else in, call these guys afterwards!
Alpha ecological pest control was very prompt and let me know exactly what they were doing as soon as they came out, as well as throughout the entire appointment. The initial person who took our call was very professional as well. William from Alpha came out and removed a dead rats from our wall. It took quite a while to find the dead rat because of where it was located in the wall behind some insulation.
William was very polite and professional, he really represented Alpha well. I would definitely recommend Alpha ecological pest control to any friends and family.
I waited four months to write this review to make sure the bedbugs didn't come back. They haven't !!! Fredrick did a great job. Thanks.
I cannot tell you how annoying the tiny little ants and "skinny wormy things" were in my apartment after the spring/summer rains we had. They just WOULD NOT go away. We had another exterminator come out twice, but they kept coming back.

But when Alpha guy came by for the one-time appointment, it has been so much better. I live in a garden unit and don't expect it to be 100% bug-free, but they practically made that the case for me.

They returned my online info request quickly and came out for an appointment ASAP. Definitely attentive when you're asking them questions and explain their process and how it works to attack the problem.

Would definitely recommend.
Just a great experience! We had crickets in the kitchen and larvae in the bathtub and were panicked! Steven and Fredrick came out and totally put our minds at ease, and it was simple solutions!

Not only did they take care of the problems, but they took care of things that could be problems down the road: Steven went and sealed up any entry points for rats to get into our attic and put traps out just in case, and Fredrick took care of the massive cobwebs we had in our garage.

Both of the guys were super nice, super punctual, and super professional. I would highly recommend Steven and Fredrick and Alpha as a whole, to anyone!
good services my termite problem is gone!!!!!!!
Great Service!!
Fredrick has done the service on my house since I purchased it. He has always been prompt and friendly and taken care of every problem I have had. I live in Runda.Fredrick Kanga fromAlpha Ecological pest control recently visited my house to provide pest control services. He was highly professional and he is someone who believes.
The BEST pest exterminators in Nairobi county

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