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Adams Namayi Wamukhuma
16 Dec, 2019
Mr. Mulwa, one of your supervisors in the Community Area is extreemly arrogant. He hangs phones when called by clients. I recommend the company should invest further in his PR Training.
28 Sep, 2017
I am a graduate with B.a in Criminology and security studies seeking for employment may you provide me please
Rosemary Nyamburi
20 Jan, 2017
Good evening?Kindly,let me know if you have job openings in your company.I a interested in working with you.
Thank you.
26 Jan, 2016
I will be traveling from Nairobi to Japan and need to transport 50 Kgs. of gold. Can you provide secure transport to the airport?
Jairo Otieno
28 Sep, 2015
How much will it cost to have Brinks Security Services ltd to watch over my butchery in Embakasi?

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