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I was across the country from my Wife and had concerns about infidelity. I asked her many times but she always denied it. After worrying for years I finally took action. If you have any doubt in your mind about the faithfulness of your partner call Strategy Private Investigators in Kenya today. It was a game changer for me. Within days of our initial consult their covert surveillance yielded irrefutable evidence of all I had feared— and all my wife had vehemently denied. I was able to use this information in our divorce and was ready to move forward with my life having the security of knowing the truth.Strategy Private Investigators in Kenya were true professionals. They demonstrated empathy, while providing me with tangible information that would allow me to move forward without hesitation. I’m very fortunate to have made the CALL/WHATSAPP and encourage anyone considering it to act sooner rather than later. Trust your gut and take action.Strategy Private Investigators Kenya
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value,Delivery,Excellent
I suspected my partner was having a affair and so I contacted Strategy private investigators in Kenya to investigate / follow my partner to see if my suspicions were right.
I am very pleased with the services that were provided by the Surveillance team at Strategy private investigators in Kenya and now have closure and they were exceptionally thorough and super quick in getting things set up.
They respond quickly and I will be using their services again should I need a Private Investigator in the future. I am sure they will look after you as they have with me and give you the best possible service. I Highly recommended Strategy private investigators in Kenya!!!
Strategy Private Investigators in Kenya.Thank you for taking the time to leave a review and for the kind words. It's been a pleasure working with you over the years, and we look forward to the future.
I engaged Strategy PI after reading the reviews here. However they lied to me. Having paid a deposit a few days later was told there is a system issue, then was told that number they were checking was out by one digit, so they were investigating wrong number. Then I was told data is ready but this thieving company never send it. Very disappointing
We believe this to be a fake/spam review and we have reported it to google.
We have never worked with or even had an inquiry from - a client of this name
Would it be possible for you to contact us as we have been unable to establish any previous communications between us based on the name used when submitting this review.
Thank you
Its a sad fact that there are some individuals who just love to try to destroy businesses by posting misleading and defamatory "reviews
I was in need of immediate assistance in locating an elusive con artist for process serving. Despite reaching out to numerous PI companies,Strategy investigators in Kenya were immediately responsive and dove right into the investigation for me, surprisingly at the lowest cost of all the others I reached out to.

My case was fairly tricky because it involved a person who has made a living off of deception and fraud and bounces around Nairobi more than a taxi driver. I was taken by surprise by how many investigative resources they have, and also by how much info they discovered along the way, down to the smallest detail.

With Strategy investigators ,it was clear from the start and evident along the way that there would be success and that they would find the person I needed to be found.

They were confident in their abilities and made it happen with a lot of hard work. They say a great magician never reveals their tricks. I don’t know how Strategy investigators found out many of the things they did, but I was honestly blown away with what they uncovered.

I’m most impressed with the work ethic and dedication of the PI that was assigned to my case, Moses aka Mo. He worked tirelessly around the clock for several weeks, both on the road, doing overnight surveillance, and all the behind the scenes secrets of their craft that make them successful.

Mo kept me in the loop 24/7, responded to all calls and texts promptly, and took extra time out of his personal life away from his family to see my case through to the end.

I know several other agents assisted him with my case along the way, so I commend them and have no doubt they all live up to the standards I witnessed by Mo. Another thing worth noting, which was equally as great as my assigned case agent, is the total cost of everything.

I won’t disclose the exact amount here, but in short it honestly seemed like Strategy investigators was losing money rather than making money from my case. When all the work hours, travel, surveillance, etc. was added up I couldn’t help but feeling a little guilty and having the feeling that they weren’t compensated enough for everything they did for me.

I have nothing but great things to say about Strategy investigators . I am extremely happy with the service they gave me. They are run by a smart, competent leader who puts equally smart and competent agents to work to produce quality results. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of PI services.5 STARS
Strategy Investigations are the ultimate professionals. Excellent experience with this Private Investigator and his agency. Knowledgeable and experienced. Particularly noticed the frequent communication and availability to my concerns.I had a very complicated fraud situation that needed handling on short notice and they delivered as promised.Chris guided me through the whole process and made sure I was updated periodically on my case. Highly recommended.
So glad that we came across this business and have definitely added him as our contact for future employee investigations. Thanks so much!
I called Chris after the local police had closed the case on my missing/stolen money. He was attentive and helpful.He did a back ground check on a suspect and then interviewed her and made a report of his findings. I asked the police to reopen the case and they interviewed the suspect 3 weeks later.Unfortunately there was not enough evidence to press charges.However because of my using the police and a private investigator, my insurance company was satisfied that I really tried to find the money and after I gave them receipts, they reimbursed me for 98% of my loss.I don't think this would have happened unless I used Chris of STRATEGY PRIVATE investigators.He is timely, honest, and professional.I highly recommend STRATEGY PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS.
The last company that conducted employee background checks and credit checks is no longer in business and I found that out when I actually needed to have this I contacted Strategy Investigations based upon other business list reviews and I'm so glad I did.

Chris was very responsive after a brief phone call explaining what I needed and I was able to get the reports back in a super efficient, fast time frame. The reports were thorough and the process of working with Strategy Investigations is also very efficient as you can sign the agreement electronically.

So glad that we came across this business and have definitely added him as our contact for future employee investigations. Thanks so much!
We as STRATEGY PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS +******** 228 293,will always put a smile on our clients.We do not have to claim to be "The best or The No.1 Private Investigators," instead , we simply let the success of our investigations and our satisfied clients speak for us.Read below some of our genuine case studies, along with the corresponding client testimonials and discover why we are a repeat choice for private, legal and commercial clients in the Kenya and across the World.
Very kind, professional, resourceful and knowledgeable. Chris of Strategy took his time with me and treated me with kindness and respect, I never felt rushed or pressured. He was able to uncover pertinent information immediately. He gets the job done and knows exactly how to do it correctly and efficiently. I will definitely be back! Highly recommended!Strategy good work
I contacted Strategy investigators about finding a person that owed me money, within minutes of when I sent them a message with my situation, they responded back to me swiftly.They told me he would look into my case and get back to me within a few days,they got back to me the next day with results that I was looking for and all the information I needed.

Definitely using his service again.Strategy the best
I started a a holdover proceeding on a tenant that refused to leave despite non renewal lease for over 2 years...this tenant also receives a section 8 subsidiary and was allowing different people to occupy the premises... section 8 wouldn't do anything unless I provided proof..SKYPASS was extremely helpful by performing a tenant background investigation...this information I know will help my case tremendously. ..
I would definitely use his services again..I recommend him without any reservations. ..Thanks SKYPASS
I'm very pleased with the work that Skypass private Investigations did for me on my case. From the beginning they were courteous, informative and responsive. I dealt with Chris most of the time and he couldn't have been more pleasant and responsive. I had a judgment for a considerable amount of money that was owed to me and needed to find assets. They found enough accounts in different places and I was able to recover most of the debt.

They were very fast, efficient and diligent in their work and it was money very well spent. I should note that their rates are very reasonable in comparison with other quotes from other agencies.
I will definitely use this company again as well as recommend to others. Thank you!
Skypass private investigators is an extremely trustworthy and professional company. We used them for some company verification and they did an outstanding job. 5 stars to them for their promptness, professionalism, and thoroughness.